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Hi I'm Marian Cassidy and this is my site Chocolate-fondue-fountain.net. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE chocolate. What better way to enjoy its rich and decadent taste than to have your OWN chocolate fondue fountain at home! Yes it's true. I admit it. Plus I invite my friends over weekly to share my guilty pleasure with me. I really hope you will benefit from reading my tips on finding the fountain that best suits your needs and that you'll come join "the Club" soon. Bon appetit!!! :)

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Want to Buy a New Chocolate Fountain?

A birthday, wedding or special event can go from ordinary to extraordinary with just a little help from a tempting chocolate fountain. In fact nowadays chocolate fountains have become less expensive and are much more accessible. And not only that… everyone loves chocolate!!!

So if you are planning to buy a new chocolate fountain to be used for your special events, here are some things you should consider before buying it.

1. The Number of Guests

If you have a small number of guests, it follows that you’ll only need a small sized chocolate fountain. A standard small sized chocolate fountain is perfect for about ten people. But definitely go with the larger size chocolate fountain with any guest list exceeding 25 people.

2. Easy to Wash Chocolate Fountain

Chocolates can be very tough to scrub with a dishwasher and so you’ll want a chocolate fountain that can be easily cleaned immediately right after use to make your dishwashing experience a whole lot easier.

3. The Chocolate Fountain Motor

You should choose a chocolate fountain with as quiet a motor as possible. Nobody wants a chocolate fountain which sounds like a lawn mower! Remember to run a motor test first before actually buying your fountain.

4. Design of the Chocolate Fountain

Choose an exciting chocolate fountain design which is appropriate for your special event. If you are planning to use the chocolate fountain for a wedding, then you should choose a more elegant looking chocolate fountain.

However, if you are planning to use the fountain for your kid’s birthday party, then you should consider a much more playful design which the kids will surely love!

These are just a few of the basic things to consider before settling on a chocolate fountain that’s suitable for your special event. Be sure to search the internet for different kinds of chocolate fountains online.

You can try out Sephra chocolate fountains or go to Amazon for a much larger collection of chocolate fountains for sale. Also be sure to look at all the reviews from customers who have already tried out the different models. And it’s not a bad idea to visit some of the local shops in your area who might also have available chocolate fountains for sale.

Just be sure not to miss out on this great opportunity to really accessorize your big event. A new chocolate fountain is truly an item that’s fun for all!